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    First of all. WHAT is a Staffing Analysis?

    Think of a staffing analysis as our secret weapon. It’s like taking a magnifying glass to your workforce, but with style. We’re talking about sizing up your team, pinpointing the exact talent you need, and making sure every move is a strategic slam dunk. It’s not just about staffing—it’s about staffing like a boss.

    What do you get out of our Staffing Analysis?

    Buckle up for your success ride. Want to know why our Staffing Analysis will change the game for you?

    ▼ Optimized Staffing Solutions

    We’re not just staffing; we’re optimizing your BPO dream team for maximum efficiency. Say hello to outsourcing success.

    ▼ Efficient Workforce Planning

    Picture this: workforce planning so efficient, it’s practically a superpower for your BPO operations. Productivity levels? Through the roof.

    ▼ Strategic Talent Deployment

    We’re not just deploying talent; we’re strategically placing your A-team where they’ll shine brightest in the world of outsourcing. Success? It’s practically guaranteed.

    ▼ Smart Budget Management

    Budgets? Please. We’re the masters of smart budget management, ensuring every dollar spent on BPO staffing delivers maximum ROI. Consider it a financial game-changer.

    ▼ Increased Productivity Guarantee

    Boosting productivity isn’t a dream; it’s our guarantee. With our BPO workforce strategy, you’ll witness output skyrocket like never before. Consider it our gift to your business’s success.


    Our Solutions

    Outsource with confidence. Icon Solutions Group provides expert financial, legal, and operational support for your business.

    Reduced Labor Cost

    Reduced costs and scalability while taping into an experienced debt settlement workforce ensure success with our workforce providing a great deal of value.

    Highly Capable Workforce

    Most of our employees and most of the talent pool available have experience working for US Fortune 500 companies. They bring valuable experience in scaling successful operations

    World Class Facilities

    A-Class building with highly sophisticated security and world-class infrastructure.

    Nearshore Location

    With a 2.5 hour flight from Miami and 4.5 hour flight from Los Angeles, you and your management can quickly visit for in-person calibration meetings.

    Why stablish a Contact Center in Guatemala?

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    Turn Key


    We maintain facilities for training, HR matters and onboarding. Your agents will have the support they need with highly trained IT team and Facilities administrators.

    Human Resources

    Depending on the size of the operation we can arrange to have dedicated or shared HR resources to meet your needs.


    We have a marketing team increasing exposure, and desirability maintaining a pipeline of talent available to our ops.


    ICON has established a legal structure to minimize risks and protect our operation while shielding your operation in the US.

    Services and Items included in our rates

    • – Legal structure and responsibility are limited to the call center location.
    • – Recruitment (Agents, Supervisors, and Support Personnel).
    • – Salaries, benefits, medical insurance, statutory costs, and taxes.
    • – Hiring and termination, including equipment recovery.
    • – Training and QA Support (workforce continuous development).
    • – HHRR, Human Resources, and local compliance reviews.
    • – Facilities rent, maintenance, utilities, and janitorial services.
    • – Facility security with metal detectors and video monitoring.
    • – Cubicles, chairs, training facility, and break room.
    • – Network and security infrastructure and redundant IT bandwidth.
    • – Depending on the job, we provide a desktop Computer System.
    • – Onsite IT help desk and network support personnel.
    • – Onsite administrative and management team to support your team.
    • – Accounting, corporate taxes, quarterly statutory payroll reporting, and payroll processing.


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